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Deep Breath
Drawings to benefit Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Research.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is an acute, severe injury to most or all of both lungs. Patients with ARDS experience severe shortness of breath and often require mechanical ventilation (life support) because of respiratory failure. ARDS is not a specific disease; instead, it is a type of severe, acute lung dysfunction that is associated with a variety of diseases, such as pneumonia, shock, sepsis (a severe infection in the body) and trauma.
It is a very serious illness and the death rates vary from 30% -50% of victims depending on what study you reference.

I am became ill with ARDS and was in a drug induced coma for 18 days and in the hospital for 21 days. Thankfully I made it out alive. After surviving ARDS I began making drawings for donations towards research. You can read my story with ARDS at:, and you can learn more about my fundraising project at: